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Mar, 1955
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Jun, 1955
Electronic Counters - new way to better engineering
Electronic Counters are one of many electronic test instruments ready to give you better engineering and manufacturing—today! These Counters are not delicate, expensive prima donnas requiring a staff of PhD's to operate and maintain. About the size of a large table radio, they're rugged, dependable, job-proven, versatile, manufactured in quantity and priced from about $900.
The key to harnessing the power of the atom lies largely in the economic design of the power reactor. NDA has been a leader in reactor design and engineering since 1948—longer than any other independent private enterprise. For example, the large-scale atomic power plant being planned by the Detroit Edison Company and its associated companies will employ an advanced reactor for which much of the nuclear engineering and physics has been evolved in the engineering offices and laboratories of NDA. Many other reactor designs, ranging from small units for research to large-scale power reactors capable of producing 200,000 kilowatts of electricity, have been conceived and designed by NDA.
Ad: about weapons systems
...AND FORD INSTRUMENT COMPANY Aiming a gun or a rocket from one fast moving plane and hitting another supersonic craft is beyond human capabilities. The elements of speed, ballistics, range, direction etc., must be taken into account and the aiming point computed in milliseconds. From its earliest days, Ford Instrument Company has been specializing in weapons systems — ranging from directors and drives for heavy naval guns to rocket launching computers, AA gunfire computers and aircraft weapons systems. Complete familiarity with the military requirements of accuracy, dependability and combat-ruggedness makes Ford-designed and Ford-built instruments among the finest our armed services have at their command.