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Mar, 1956
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May, 1956
Lewis Carroll: Mathematician
Many people who have read "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass" are aware that the author was a mathematician. Exactly what was his work in mathematics? by Warren Weaver Lewis Carroll—wasn't he a first-class mathematician too?" This is a typical remark when the name of the author of Alice in Wonderland comes up. That Carroll's real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and that his main lifelong interest was mathematics is fairly common knowledge. In fact, among his literary admirers there has long been current a completely false but unstoppable story that Queen Victoria read Alice, liked it, asked for another book by the same author and was sent Dodgson's very special and dry little book on algebraic determinants. Lewis Carroll was so great a literary genius that we are naturally curious to know the caliber of his work in mathematics. There is a common tendency to consider mathematics so strange, subtle, rigorous, difficult and deep a subject that if a person is a mathematician he is of course a "great mathematician"—there being, so to speak, no small giants. This is very complimentary, but unfortunately not necessarily true. Carroll produced a considerable volume of writing on many mathematical subjects, from which we may judge the quality of his contributions. What sort of a mathematician, in fact, was he?
Typewriter with Changeable Typefaces
one typewriter turns out both these specialized jobs… IN ADDITION TO “EVERYDAY” TYPING! REMINGTON RAND’S new Interchangeable Typewriter Type* makes it possible! So easy to use. ..the typist makes the type change herself… at her desk …in seconds!
Bendix electro-span
Important storage reservoirs for water, crude oil, gas, brine and other liquids are located in many remote and isolated sections of this country. It takes crews of men stationed at these points to keep a constant check of volumes and to open and close valves to balance supply and demand. The work is lonely, expensive to maintain, and sometimes dangerous.
Motorola Missile Ad: Reliability
RELIABILITY Dependable performance is a quarter-century tradition at Motorola— the world’s largest exclusive manufacturer of electronic equipment. Under subcontract to Convair, Motorola engineered for reliability, and is now producing the guidance equipment for the Navy’s new all-weather anti-aircraft missile, the “Terrier”. Positions open to qualified Engineers and Physicists MOTOROLA COMMUNICATIONS & ELECTRONICS DIVISION National Defense […]
Ad: An intrstng exprmnt in spch
Yes, at Bell Labs we’ve been disemvoweling you since 1956! An intrstng exprmnt in spch Some day your voice may travel by a sort of electronic “shorthand” when you telephone. Bell Laboratories scientists are experimenting with a technique in which a sample is snipped off a speech sound —just enough to identify it—and sent by […]