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Apr, 1953
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Jun, 1953
What means most to an Engineer?
What does Atomic Energy really mean to you?
Dramatic new developments in medicine, agriculture, and industry promise long-time benefits for us all Scientists have long known that the secret core of the atom concealed vast stores of concentrated energy. Evidence that man had unlocked the secret came with the atomic bomb. Then came the task of developing methods to release this unbounded energy slowly, gradually, in ways of lasting benefit to all of us.
The new medium played an important part in the recent presidential campaign. How did it compare with radio, newspapers and magazines as a source of information? by Angus Campbell, Gerald Gurin and Warren E. Miller THE PRESIDENTIAL campaign of 1952 was the first in which television played a major part. How much did this new medium influence the election? No one really knows, because no specific studies were made to measure the impact of TV on the thinking of the electorate. But we do know something about how television compared with the other media of information in bringing the campaign to the public, and what groups in the population were most exposed to, or affected by, the television campaign.
Ad: "Leg muscles" that cushion a jet's landing
When the landing gear of an F-86 Sabrejet hits the runway at lightning speed, the shock is absorbed by hydraulic action within the tough, precision-made cylinder on each "leg." To machine these 37-lb. cylinders to exact tolerances from solid 158-lb. steel forgings ... to give them mirror-smooth inside finishes . . . Cleveland Pneumatic depends on Lycoming.
The New IBM Electronic Data Processing Machines
For Science... Industry... Defense Combining the great storage capacities and speeds of cathode ray tubes, magnetic drums, and magnetic tapes with the tremendous computing speeds of electronic tubes, IBM engineers and scientists have produced in these machines the most flexible and most productive calculating unit ever marketed. Here is a computer that can add and subtract 16,666 times a second . . . that can multiply and divide 2,192 times a second . . . and can recall factors from storage, or "memory," in as little as 12 millionths of a second.
Is Your TV Set Ready for the new UHF Channels ?
This Mallory Converter will equip it to receive all Channels... old and new That's right! As new UHF channels go on the air in your area, you will receive them all . . . with no sacrifice of existing channels . . . with no internal changes in your set. The Mallory Converter can be connected to any set in a few minutes, right in your home.