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Apr, 1954
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Jun, 1954
CAUGHT! - by Silent Sounds
Suddenly, the lights snap on. Someone yells — "Don't move or we shoot!" How had the burglar been detected ? No one saw him enter. There was 110 watchman. And no sign of an alarm system. No obvious sign, that is. But there was a system — the Alertronic Burglar Alarm.
In a Single Spoon... the power of all the world's radium
So terrifyingly powerful is Cobalt 60 — radio-active offspring of the atom bomb and great new weapon in the fight against cancer — that a single spoonful produces as much radiation as all the radium in the world. And Cobalt 60 is but one of many radio-active isotopes, spawned by the Atomic Age, that offer benefits and advances in medicine, industry and agriculture. Realization of these promises depends in part on development of economical and versatile materials for shielding the ffhot" isotopes.
going up?
Every man has his own ceiling. What's yours? If you're going up—and far... if you are willing to match your ability against the toughest engineering challenge... if your sights are high, and you'll stake the future on your belief in you... then there may be a place for you here. No plush inducements or resort accommodations. Just the chance to join one of the greatest creative engineering organizations in the whole new world of spaceborne systems development.
Your business is in the Age of Electronics
Electronic test instruments save engineering time, cut manufacturing costs at Friden Like manufacturers in many fields, Friden Calculating; Machine Co., Inc., finds electronic test instruments save hours of engineering time and cut production costs. Friden engineers use these new measuring tools of industry to evaluate circuits, determine electrical requirements, check stability, match relay closing times and study performance of pilot models. Friden production workers use similar instruments in rigid quality control inspections.
wanted: sales engineers to sell electronic computers
WELL ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURER IN GROWTH INDUSTRY NOW FORMING TECHNICAL SALES GROUP. The ElectroData Corporation, a subsidiary of Consolidated Engineering Corporation, one of America's leading makers of electronic analytical instruments, needs qualified sales personnel to establish commercial applications and close sales for electronic data-processing systems. ElectroData Corporation was formerly the Electronic Computer Division of Consolidated Engineering Corporation, one of the leading designers and marketers of high quality instrumentation for science and industry, whose mass-spectrometers and recording oscillographs are the recognized standard of quality throughout the world. ElectroData Corporation will benefit from Consolidated's 17 years of experience in technical application knowledge and management skill.
Ad: Designed for Science
In many ways the E. R. A. 1103 is the most advanced data-handling system yet devised. By tremendous speed, large storage capacity, and great programming versatility, the system assures ideal handling of the most intricate computations. Adding to its very high speed is an exceptionally fast memory-reference system which keeps the system's 17,408 internal storage registers directly accessible. Computing time is reduced still further — as is programming time — by use of a simplified form of two-address logic.