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Apr, 1956
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Jun, 1956
AIR-TO-GROUND TV SYSTEM Transmits Combat Pictures on FM
Airborne military television crams a self-contained transmitting station into a small reconnaissance plane, then flies this ever-moving station over unpredictable terrain. Taking these adverse conditions into account, Admiral developed an extremely compact television system which uses FM transmission for the picture.
AMF nuclear engineering brings you advanced. ..RADIATION PROCESS EQUIPMENT
The mass-irradiation of foodstuffs for the prevention of spoilage and infestation is one of the most exciting and promising applications of atomic energy. And AMF Atomics is in the forefront of the field, applying its nuclear engineering skills and experience to the development of practical irradiation equipment to serve food processors throughout the nation.
Sixty billion vibrations per second
A great new giant of communications—a waveguide system for carrying hundreds of thousands of voices at once, as well as television programs —is being investigated at Bell Telephone Laboratories. Such a revolutionary system calls for frequencies much higher than any now used in communications. These are provided by a reflex klystron tube that oscillates at 60,000 megacycles, and produces waves only 5 mm. long.
Ad: Honeywell Nuclear Facility Control
The effectiveness and safety of control for nuclear installation depends not only on choosing the right instrumentation, but also in applying this instrumentation correctly to the-job. From Honeywell, you can be sure of getting both. A staff of application engineers well versed in the technology and requirements of nuclear projects goes to work on your problems.
Ad: Is size a problem with you, too?
ELGIN can miniaturize and mass produce your assemblies There's bigger profit in smaller products these days! When conserving space is vital (as in time and control devices, small actuators and other electromechanical devices) call on Elgin for creative engineering and specialized assembly facilities. Elgin's broad experience and skill can help you in the design of miniaturized components and in putting them into mass assembly on a low-cost basis. We will work with you on all phases of your miniaturization program.
Drive-in Market 1959?
NEW DEPARTURES OF TOMORROW Drive-in Market 1959? A week’s shopping in minutes! And you haven’t moved from your car. It’s that simple at the Drive-In Market of tomorrow. Just select your Items from the monitor screen; electronic impulses select, assemble, deliver your order, total your bill and return your change. It’s just a dream away! […]