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Sep, 1979
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What if you choose HP products to enhance your productivity?
For example: PASCAL/1000, a modern computer language that makes programs simple to write, easy to debug, and inexpensive to maintain. Pascal/1000 is Hewlett-Packard's new, high-level, structured programming language for HP 1000 computers. By "structured," we mean that a Pascal program is written in modules in much the same way that a building is put together with standard building blocks.
Little by little, across America, people are bringing home a delightful accompaniment to the automobile. The Vespa scooter. What is this two-wheel appeal? It's a totally unique kind of transportation that combines comfort, convenience and a stylish sense of sophistication.
The Texas Instruments Home Computer gives you a tutor, an accountant, a librarian, a file clerk and a pro football team in your own home.
"What do I need with a home computer?" you ask. Try thinking of it as easier ways to handle dozens of jobs at home - from pawing through that box of receipts in the closet to explaining adverbs to your 7-year-old.
Exploding Three Mile Island
Think back. It hasn't been that long ago. Pennsylvania looked like it might be blown off the map any minute, turned into a radioactive no-man's-land forever. "Permanently uninhabitable" was the way they said it in the movie, The China Syndrome. That's the trouble. A lot of people said a lot of things. And a lot of it just wasn't true. Not even close. Take the hydrogen bubble that made all the headlines. Bubble, nothing. The implication was time bomb, ticking away. And that would've frightened anybody who didn't have a degree in chemistry.
RCA Solid State Laser
The entire contents of a 24-volume encyclopedia in 3 minutes. 2500 phone conversations or 20 TV programs at the same time.
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In the early 1950's, we took a hard look at the future for business computer systems. Our best estimate, at the time, was a potential of 50 new customers.
CANADA – YOU’RE WELCOME You’ll find smiles that turn strangers into welcome guests, the freshest seafoods to tempt you to stay… and more smiles that say come visit us again. Canada SO MUCH TO GO FOR.
Apple Ad: What kind of man owns his own computer?
Rather revolutionary, the whole idea of owning your own computer? Not if you're a diplomat, printer, scientist, inventor... or a kite designer, too. Today there's Apple Computer. It's designed to be a personal computer. To uncomplicate your life. And make you more effective. It's a wise man who owns an Apple.
Recruitment Ad for Libyan Al-Fatah University of Nuclear Engineering
Medium of Education is English. Duties involve teaching undergraduate courses as well as assisting in planning of new laboratories and research projects in this recently established faculty.