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May, 1953
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Jul, 1953
Shortest way to the Moon!
Engineers weighing the aerodynamic problems of space flight—or combustion problems of vehicle propulsion—are now solving many of the most complex mathematical computations in a few minutes, right in their laboratories. This has been made possible by GEDA-—the Goodyear Electronic Differential Analyzer — versatile electronic analyzer that solves complex problems and saves engineering man hours.
LICORICE has challenging industrial possibilities
Has licorice any value in the treatment of Addison's disease? Can it be used to enhance the flavor of breakfast foods? Might the active enzymes of licorice root be useful in the control of digestive or nutritional functions? And what could it do for your business?
Ad: Six facts every engineer and scientist should know about the new CRC102-A
Six facts every engineer and scientist should know about the new CRC102-A Electronic Digital General-Purpose Computer 1. LOW INITIAL COST – The CRC 102-A is one of the lowest priced, large scale, digital electronic computers now available commercially. It may be purchased, rented, or leased with an option to buy. Performance guarantees are given as […]
Ad: Big "doings" in metal
Big “doings” in metal Here are jusf four outstanding achievements of Lycoming’s precision production . . . samples that indicate how Lycoming solves metal-working problems for America’s industrial leaders and the Armed Forces. Even these few samples demonstrate that Lycoming has the machines you can use—the skilled craftsmen you can use . . . the […]
Einstein Blurb
KENNETH HEUER is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, former lecturer at the Hayden Planetarium, author of Men of Other Planets.
saves 90% In storage and handling over punched cards Remington Rand Univac Electronic Computers Now Make Available... Reels of magnetic tape are utilized with remington rand electronic computer systems solving intricate computations for business, for industry, for science, for government. They operate at speeds that put facts at management's fingertips with breathtaking rapidity. They give management today data which it formerly had to wait months to obtain.