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May, 1954
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Jul, 1954
To triple the voice-carrying capacity of coaxial cable, Bell Laboratories engineers had to create new amplifying tubes with the grid placed only two-thirds of a hairs breadth from the cathode. Furthermore, the grid wires had to be held rigidly in position; one-quarter of a hairs shifting would cut amplification in half.
RCA announces revolutionary NEW Electron Microscopes
Now—from RCA, pioneer and world leader in electronic research, come two great new electron microscopes. The EMU-3A with both 50,000 and 100,000 volt accelerating potential is destined to be recognized as perfection in electron microscopy —the ideal tool for advanced research requiring highest resolution, maximum magnification and critical control. The EML-1A, a 50,000 volt instrument, has every important feature needed for peak performance in a wide range of research and control functions.
Ad: meet a "flyer" with over 250,000,000 hours behind him!
meet a “flyer” with over 250,000,000 hours behind him! “He’s” a new Lycoming air-cooled engine. He’s backed by Lycoming’s experience in creating and producing – 50,000 aircraft power plants . . . each with a flight-proved life expectancy of at least 5,000 hours. You learn a lot about flying in 25 years . . . […]