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Jun, 1953
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Oct, 1953
Birthplace of the Transistor
The Transistor, that revolutionary new electronics device, is a product of telephone research. It was conceived, invented and developed at Bell Telephone Laboratories by men in search of ways to improve telephone service. It was announced just five years ago.
The Arab who first wrote zero And the mathematic clue To nothing at all is a hero Who never got his due Unless he sought To share the eternal naught.
Ad: The hand that helps keep America 'running'
For precision production so vital to products that contribute to America's progress ... leaders in industry look to the skilled hand of Lycoming. This is the hand that machines vital components for GENERAL ELECTRIC J-47 jet engines . . . that turns out sturdy connecting rods for FORD trucks . . . that produces durable gears for NEW IDEA farm machinery . . . that makes rotor assemblies for PIASECKI helicopters . . . that creates air-cooled engines for executive aircraft such as AERO-COMMANDER, BEECH, GRUMMAN, RYAN and PIPER