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Jun, 1954
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Aug, 1954
This Friden Calculator
This Friden Calculator Extracts Square Root Automatically with a touch of one key (first time on any desk calculator) Also provides all basic features which enable the fully automatic Friden Calculator—The Thinking Machine of American Business—to perform… more kinds of figure-work without operator decisions than any other calculating machine ever developed Send today for this […]
An enemy guided missile comes winging towards our task force ... at speeds of up to 20 miles a minute. What kind of computer can predict and compute the necessary data fast enough to shoot down the missile... and be reliable every time? That was the problem posed to Ford Instrument Company engineers... and in cooperation with the Navy, they found the answer. Compact equipment, housed in easy-to-service units... that stand at the front line of our defense.
playing for keeps?
Are you willing to stake the future on your belief in you... to match your ability against the toughest engineering challenge? Are you planning to go far in this business —and playing for keeps? If so, there may be a place for you here.
Leather is going places
It's vacation time... and everybody's on the go. Naturally, leather goes along too. For leather is a wonderful traveling companion; there's nothing finer for luggage, golf bags, hand bags, jackets and a host of other articles that must look well and wear well.
Designed for Science
In many ways the E. R. A. 1103 is the most advanced data-handling system yet devised. By tremendous speed, large storage capacity, and great programming versatility, the system assures ideal handling of the most intricate computations.