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Jun, 1956
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Aug, 1956
Fast game... but sure moves
One badly played pawn can lose a chess game .... one incorrectly designed part affects an entire plane. Thus, aircraft designers take no chances; they exhaustively check every component, every structure. On a test wing, for example, stresses are measured over and over at up to 500 different points under constantly increasing loads.
Bake-O-Mat 1960?
NEW DEPARTURES OF TOMORROW Bake-O-Mat 1960? TOMORROW: Breads and pastries . . . mixed, baked, sliced, wrapped at your door! Place your order at your door. In seconds, Bake-O-Mat mixes and processes the ingredients, electronically bakes, slices, and wraps any of a wide variety of hot breads and pastries—as you watch! When? 1960? Could be! […]
Ad: Sylvania & Univac
Sylvania & Univac “Blueprint for Tomorrow”, “Office of the Future”—these are phrases used to describe Sylvania’s new Univac Data-Processing Center. For Sylvania is creating, with the Remington Rand Univac, a nerve center for its entire decentralized operations. It is utilizing Univac’s electronic speed and unrivalled accuracy to establish a priceless storehouse of up-to-the-minute management information. […]
King of Rock
I’ve found out what happened to Elvis. He went back in time and became the King of Kommagene which, in english, means “Rock and Roll”.