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Jul, 1954
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Sep, 1954
Where there's Color there's Harmon
News about materials for industry from B. F. Goodrich Chemical Wherever you see applied color you are looking at a powerful sales tool —for color helps sell so many things in industry and in your everyday life. Much of this color in paint or dyes begins with Harmon —one of the world's leading makers of basic organic colors. There's a strong likelihood that the color of your car is based on Harmon pigments. That good-looking yellow dress your wife is wearing may be solution dyed from Harmon colors. That red tractor you saw at work in the fields is Harmon colored. Or take that handsome vinyl upholstered chair in the department store window—there again color based on a Harmon product plays a part in a sale.
IBM AD: A "Giant Brain" that's Strictly Business
IBM's new 702 Electronic Data Processing Machine brings to the accounting and record-keeping problems of business the speed and capacity of giant scientific computers.