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Jul, 1956
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Sep, 1956
Univac at General Electric (Appliance Park)
Offering the unique advantage of electronic speed coupled with unrivalled accuracy, it's no wonder that the General Electric Company installed the Remington Rand Univac at their modern Appliance Park, in Louisville, Kentucky. Univac makes possible new insight into all phases of G-E's major appliance operations. Management decisions can be made with a degree of precision never before obtainable.
TRANSISTORS-first family of electronics
In 1948 Bell scientists announced their invention of the transistor—a tiny device able to amplify signals a hundred thousand times using a small fraction of the power of an electron tube. From this original "point contact" transistor has grown a distinguished family of immense usefulness to electronics. Some of its leading members are shown here, in approximate actual size, with their scientific type names.
Shell Ad: A phantom herd... from deep down underground
A phantom herd… from deep down underground Not long ago the primary source of glycerine was herds of cattle! Fats from these animals were transformed, by the makers of soap, into glycerine. Gliding unseen through underground pipelines to the refinery and then the chemical plant, petroleum has become the partner of cattle herds. From the […]
How soon will you be able to see over the phone?
There is something humorous about a rotary video phone. CREATING A NEW WORLD WITH ELECTRONICS How soon will you be able to see over the phone? It may be sooner than you think. For the remarkable new Hughes tonotron—now used for high-fidelity transmission of maps and other navigational pictures to ships and aircraft—will make possible […]