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Aug, 1954
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Oct, 1954
Ad: Private "air truck" for Very Special Delivery
... powered by Lycoming When deliveries are Rush with a capital "R" . . . today's progressive businessman turns to a small company plane that relieves him of dependence on the schedules of commercial air-freight systems. Take the case of the Capital City Printing Plate Company of Des Moines, Iowa . . . operator of a Piper Tri-Pacer powered by Lycoming. Gene C. Meston, General Manager, says: "We could not maintain our production and sales level without the Tri-Pacer. The airplane and the pilot do the work of two trucks and three drivers. We save a lot of expense and keep our customers well satisfied."
Rand Ad: Tomorrow's Design Today...
Tomorrow’s Design Today… Airplane design involves a staggering amount of data processing—a seemingly endless number of computations and tests between the drawing board and the production line. Every hour…every day … every week gained here brings the time when the finished plane takes off on its first flight just that much closer. In the aircraft […]
IBM Ad: Today... Facts Are What Count
I think that Mr. Colbert would disagree. Yesterday… “The Fates” Decided In the 6th century, B. C, King Croesus of Lydia was told by the Delphic Oracles he could defeat the Persians. Relying on “The Fates” instead of the facts, he took on an enemy he should have known was too strong for him .. […]