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Jun, 1955
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Jan, 1956
Doubling Univac's Speed!
The famous Univac of Remington Rand has widened even further its lead over other electronic business computing systems. Univac is still the only completely self-checked system... the only one which can read, write, and compute simultaneously without extra equipment. And now, the Univac II adds to these superior features the speed of a magnetic-core memory.
IBM Ad: Parade with a purpose
IBM Leadership in action… Parade with a purpose Today, an almost endless parade of IBM punched cards serves business, industry, and government in widely varied roles—as vital aids in routine record keeping, as checks and money orders, airline tickets, utility bills, insurance premium notices, and many, many other kinds of accounting documents. But even more […]
Super Chef - 1965?
NEW DEPARTURES OF TOMORROW Super Chef – 1965? Set the table . . . then set the dial! Future meals could be as easy as that with this miracle meal-getter. And, maybe tomorrow it will be a reality. When it is, New Departure will play an important part, just as it does in so many […]
GE 7-point research reactor program
To help industrial, educational, and research organizations plan and obtain nuclear research reactors quickly, General Electric offers a new seven-point program. 7-point research reactor program General Electric offers to:
about torpedo control systems
When a torpedo is launched, its control system must solve many problems — not only directing it towards the target, but controlling its depth, speed, and stability.