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Jul, 1978
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May, 1980
Life's full of little problems. Everyone faces them... the business-man trying to figure out current inventory or accounts receivables. The home cook who wants to cut down a recipe for 8 to serve only 5. Or the language student trying to learn the difference between "gesundheit" and "gemutlichkeit."
Harris technology on the job
In information systems, Harris produces data processing terminals, general-purpose computers, word processing systems and supervisory control systems. Harris offers a complete family of high-performance, general-purpose computer systems. Providing virtual memory, data base management and a multitude of languages for scientific and commercial applications.
Electronic Ruler
Take the very best technology from solid state, large scale integrated circuits, add some brilliant innovations and leave it to Panasonic® to create the first critical measuring device that lets you measure road maps, cubes, around corners with incredible accuracy. FOR: Drivers, Aviators, Sailors, Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Artists, Designers, Draftsmen, Carpenters, Decorators, Cartographers, Surveyors, Travel Agents Homemakers, Warehousers, Shippers, Students.
The new HP-41C has more than any handheld calculator HP has ever offered. More capability, flexibility, ease-of-use features and options: Memory Modules; an "extra smart" Card Reader; a Printer; The Wand — a new input device; and Application Modules.
The Future is coming. Are you ready?
There are some marvelous benefits ahead for mankind. But along with every benefit will come a whole new set of problems. Champion is a forward-looking forest products company. We plant seeds for a living. Seeds that take up to 50 years to become mature trees. Therefore, we think a lot about the future of the forest. And, of the people who will be around to buy our products in the years to come.
"31,000 student hours later, we still love Apple Computer"
- Dr. Kenneth Brumbaugh. Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium When the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium recommended Apple Computer to the state's school districts—well, it started something big. Today there are hundreds of Apple Computers in use in 35% of Minnesota's elementary and secondary schools, and nearly all of the colleges and universities in the state. Most communicate with the Consortium's CYBER 73 mainframe in a state-wide educational computer network.
New NASA Space Telescope
The NASA Space Telescope, scheduled for launch by the Space Shuttle in the 1980s, will orbit the earth at an altitude of 310 miles. Unlike ground-based telescopes which are restricted to a narrow spectral window and subject to distortions by the earth's atmosphere, the Space Telescope will provide astronomers with the clearest view yet of the universe.
Ad: Micro TV Breakthrough
Remember the $400 Sinclair Micro TV? Here's the story on the greatest TV value ever. That Sinclair TV shown above is small-the smallest TV in the world. And when it was first introduced last year, it made history. So did its high price-$395. Our company never sold the unit for two reasons: 1) It was being promoted as a pocket TV and we felt it would not fit in most pockets and 2) We felt $395 was too high a price for the unit regardless of its quality, size and features.
Putting color to work in computers.
Computers that present a wealth of confusing information serve only to slow the information process. At ISC. we use color graphics as a highly-effective communications medium. Why color? Research has shown that color conveys information more quickly and effectively than any other visual method. Thus, when compared to black and white a color CRT display results in faster, more accurate user response. And that means faster decisions from the ultimate processor, the human brain.
Ad: Boeing Inertial Upper Stage
If you've been thinking about choosing the right upper stage to get your own spacecraft off the ground, you're no doubt going through a little anxiety right now. What about reliability? How about performance? Who's responsible? Costs? Accuracy? Things like that. We'd like to make a case for the Boeing Inertial Upper Stage — the only all-inclusive, worry-free, complete package available.