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Feb, 1961
Your Sex Questions Answered
The purpose of the QUESTION AND ANSWER DEPARTMENT is strictly educational. All answers are made by a medical authority and are based on recorded experiences of similar cases.
Self-gratification is an important aspect of an individual's development. Eliminating misinformation and guilt about this practice is important preparation for a healthy sexual relationship in marriage. by the Rev. H. Walter Yoder An ordained minister, Rev. Yoder is secretary of the Michigan Association of Religious Counselors. Recognized as a distinguished pioneer and leader in church marriage counseling, he was recently hailed as "Man of the Month" by the churchman's publication, "Pastoral Psychology." *All case names are fictitious.
What are the motives which lead a married man, often with an attractive and "willing" wife, to patronize a common woman of the street? by Albert Ellis. Ph.D. "I SUPPOSE," said my marriage counseling client, "that you think I'm crazy for spending so much of my time and money on the women I pick up in bars— when my wife, as you have seen, is such a fine and attractive woman."
What is your Sex Quotient?
What is your S.Q.*? *Sex Quotient by Mark Tarail. B.A.. M.S. BY taking this test, you can measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answers to each statement should be Yes or No. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final […]
ILLEGAL ABORTION ... disease of society
An international conference tackles an explosive problem involving more than 1 million women each year. by Isadore Rubin, B.A., M.S. in Ed. ILLEGAL abortion in the United States is a "disease of society" affecting possibly as many as 1,200,000 women a year. It presents a problem "as real and urgent as did venereal disease three decades ago." These major conclusions were offered by thirty-eight of the nation's foremost experts after an international conference on abortion, sponsored by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The conference report has been published recently in book form.
by H. W. Secor Among the most difficult types of disputes handled by courts of law are those seeking to determine the real father of a child. IN 1945, a California jury decided that Charles Chaplin was the father of Carol Ann, daughter of Joan Barry. The jury's decision cost the famous comedian over $100,000 for attorney's fees and a sizable sum each month for the support of the girl until she reached the age of 21. "The irony of it all," says genetics counselor Sheldon C. Reed, "is that Chaplin is not her father. ... By the laws of heredity he is excluded as a possible father." This trial was one of the most famous of the cases known as "disputed paternity cases." They are among the most difficult types of disputes which are handled by our courts of law.
DR. KIRKENDALL is Professor of Family Life Education at Oregon State College. Author of "Sex Education as Human Relations" and many other writings, he is recognized as one of the outstanding authorities in the field of sex education. This article is the first in a series which Dr. Kirkendall will write from time to time on sex worries and concerns of adolescent boys. The information was obtained through a combination research - counseling procedure which Dr. Kirkendall has used for a number of years. He developed a check list of worries and concerns which he has since given to hundreds of individual boys whom he has met in high school and college classes. After each boy has marked the check list, Dr. Kirkendall has discussed the indicated worries or concerns with the boy. Thus the information and illustrations in the article come from dealing at firsthand with the problems of adolescent boys. Dr. Kirkendall received financial support for his study from the E. C. Brown Trust. —The Editors
the key to a mutually happy marriage GIANT SIZE BOOK THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX By Dr. A. Willy, Dr. L. Vander, Dr. O. Fisher and other authorities Packed with hundreds of pictures—many in life-like color Available in this country for the first time! This big educational sex book available to the public of this country for the first time! Written and illustrated by noted ' physicians and medical artists specializing in the fieldf of sexual enlightenment. Learn all the important facts about sex. SEE hundreds of unusually realistic illustrations (many in true-to-life color). Read hundreds of detailed step-by step instructions written in straightforward every-day language. Many of the photos have been collected in book form for the first time. The ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX gives you authentic guidance on sex problems. See and understand the physiology and functions of the sex organs of both male and female. This book has already solved the sex problems of many couples and showed them the way to a happy married sex life through confidence and understanding. THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX sells for $5.00—but it is yours for the amazing low friend-winnina price of $2.98. This offer good for a limited time only! Mail coupon NOW!
Is it possible to combine desire for variety in sexual relations with the maintenance of a stable, happy marriage? by Edward Dengrove, M.D. FROM time to time one reads in the newspapers reports of cases such as that of the Percy Radfords and the George Hauses, of St. Louis, Missouri. These two couples, after a friendship of four months, decided they'd be happier married to each other's partners. At the time the swap was made, one couple had been wed for some seventeen years, and the other for almost five. Accomplished as it was, through divorce and remarriage, this trade of spouses had legal sanction, as well as the attention of the press. But there is a lot more such swapping than the newspapers ever discover, because most of it exists on a sporadic basis and does not end in divorce and the remarriage of the alternate couples.