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for a woman to enjoy satisfactory sex relations after surgical removal of her clitoris." How is that at all helpful? It's possible for you to have half your brain removed and have no real impairments. It's just not terribly likely. ::image size=xl::
WHAT IS YOUR SEX QUOTIENT BY taking this test, you can measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answer to each statement should be True or False. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final score is your S.Q.
Women of the World
As in his previous film Mondo Cane (A Dogs World), Italian film director Gualtiero Jacopetti has put together a film based on scenes taken in various countries in the 5 continents. Though less fascinating than the earlier film, Women of the World does contain a number of scenes of considerable sexological interest.
When it comes to matters of a sexual nature, it all depends on viewpoint—his or hers! by Lester A Kirkendall, Ph.D. Dr. Kirkendall, Professor of Family Life at Oregon State University, is author of "Sex Education as Human Relations," "Premarital Intercourse and Interpersonal Relationships," and many other writings. Men and women cannot look at sex in the same way, but they are only dimly aware of this fact. The fact of being male or female means, inevitably, that sex will be seen from different points of view. Nor does this promise to change! So long as men produce only the sperm which begins the entire reproductive process, and so long as women bear the children, these differences will exist.
a radically new SEX LAW
Private sex acts of any nature between consenting adults, says Illinois. are no longer illegal. By Donald Webster Cory and John P. LeRoy Mr. Cory is the well-known author of "The Homosexual in America" and editor of "Homosexuality: A Cross-Cultural Approach." Mr. LeRoy is a free-lance writer. The laws under which American men and women are regulated in their sexual behavior and are punished for sexual transgressions are written in the 50 different state penal codes of the United States and are interpreted in the courts of 50 states.
The "Female Penis"
A distinguished researcher explains the role and function of the clitoris. By John Money, Ph.D. Dr. Money is Associate Professor of Medical Psychology and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. He is supported in research by Grants #M-01557 and #K3-MH-18635 from the National Institute of Mental Health, United States Public Health Seervice. Do you have your own name for the clitoris? Most people have. The clitoris has sometimes been referred to as the "female penis." It is one part of the sexual anatomy for which there is no well-known American popular or slang word. Not enough people have heard the expression, "the man in the boat," for that expression to be useful when a doctor wants to explain what he means by the medical word, clitoris.
The Meaning of Orgasm
A mechanical concentration on the production of a climax, says a leading marriage expert, can destroy the beauty of marital love. By Eustace Chesser, M.D. Dr. Chesser, a consulting psychologist, is one of England's leading sexologists and a founder of the Society for Sex Education and Guidance. He is the author of many books, among them "Woman and Love," "Love Without Fear," and "The Sexual, Marital and Family Relationships of the English Woman." Why do I never experience orgasm?" an anxious wife asked after two years of marriage. That same question had been asked a hundred times over. Before attempting a reply another question should be put: "Do you enjoy intercourse?"