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Feb, 1961
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Jan, 1964
by Ebe Alongi, M. D. In sex — as in every other aspect of human endeavor — there are giants as well as pygmies. IN most books on health written in the past, men were almost always advised to have only moderate sexual contact with women, if they wished to have physical and mental vigor. This advice was especially to be applied at certain times of life and in certain circumstances. Dr. Alongi is assistant at the University Clinic for Nervous and Mental Illnesses of Naples University and, for a number of years has been Official Consultant on psychiatric and neurological problems of the Court of Justice and the District Court of Naples. Even if one were to grant the correctness of this counsel, we run into difficulty. The moment we ask: "How many times in a month can a man safely sacrifice to the goddess of love?" we find that no one answer can be given for all men.
by B. H. Leveret, Ph.D., LL.B. Sending a man to jail for indecent exposure is psychologically useless and socially unsound. MY young secretary came into the office very much upset one morning and said to me: "This morning as I was coming in on the subway with several of my girl friends a terrible thing happened. We were standing near the door of the subway car. A man got out. Just before the train pulled out of the station, this man stepped up to the door and placing himself in front of the win-daw of the door, he proceeded to unbutton his trousers and show himself to us." "Poor fellow," I said.