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Oct, 1965
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Jan, 1972
There is good evidence that history's boldest warriors belonged to a secret homosexual order By RICHARD STILLER, M.A. Mr. Stiller, a former associate editor of this magazine, is now a writer in the medical and health fields. Few historical events have so seized the imagination of Western Civilization as the great Crusades of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. From these passionate efforts of Christian Europe to wrest its holy places in Palestine from the Mohammedans have come down our most virile ideal: the warrior in a sacred cause.
What College Students Should Learn About Sex
A leading sex educator attacks the hypocrisy that keeps college students ignorant By WARREN R. JOHNSON, Ed.D. The college student of today is the intellectual leadership of the future. He will become the professional person of tomorrow: the teacher, physician, counselor, nurse, lawyer or minister to whom our society will turn for guidance. Only when viewed in the light of his enormous social significance in the future can the importance of his sex education, if any, be properly weighed.