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Jan, 1959
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Dec, 1961
Nature rarely errs, but when it does the results are often most extraordinary. by E. H. Herrick, Ph.D. IF you are acquainted with identical twins, you have probably never thought of them as the result of a birth abnormality. Actually they are, though in this case they can consider themselves lucky. Many of these abnormalities are not so fortunate, although we rarely hear of them. Most end up merely as another case in the records of clinics and hospitals unless they are quite extraordinary. Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg and grow as any other one for a time, but not for long. For some unknown reason, the early embryonic cells separate into two masses and a complete child develops from each.
A first-hand account of the Naturist movement from the point-of-view of a practicing nudist. by Ray Romaine MY wife and I are nudists. During six years of traveling—which included circling of the globe from east to west via Australia and the Suez Canal—we participated in a wide variety of nudist activities. In addition to a number in America, of which we have been members, we have visited nudist resorts in Australia, New Zealand, England, and Denmark; and we have been to two of the world's countries where nudity is an accepted part of the culture.