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Feb, 1964
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Not all husbands who are capable of sexual intercourse are willing or interested. By Hugo G. Beigel, Ph.D. Laments about frigid wives can be heard frequently. It is well known that husbands, too, can be frigid. Women are more reticent about it, but a man's sexual indifference is no less damaging to marital happiness than is a wife's frigidity.
BY taking this test, you tan measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answer to each statement should be True or False. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final score is your S.Q.
When Are Women Most Receptive? / ALL THE BEST SEX
Surprisingly, for many women the peak of sexual desire occurs around the time of menstruation. By Isadore Rubin, Ph.D. Dr. Rubin is Managing Editor of this publication. Sexologists have long pondered over the question of when females are most receptive to sexual approaches by males. It is, surprisingly, a complex question which even yet is subject to debate.
An unusually frank and sensitive true story about one woman's confusion of sex and pain. By Doris Milward Mrs. Milward is the Woman Editor of "Sun and Health," an English naturist magazine. In Masochism in Modern Man, Theodor Reik proves, step by convincing step, that masochism is, in itself, a sublimation, a flight forward from sadism, and that, having achieved this, one can progress first to social masochism, and then to a kind of spiritual masochism, such as martyrs of many faiths have had. (A sadist gets pleasure from inflicting pain, a masochist gets pleasure from receiving pain.)
How Pregnancy Tests Work
How doctors decide if a woman is — or is not — pregnant. by Dr. Leo Wollman, M.D. The first thing a woman thinks of when her menstrual period is late is: Am I pregnant? Usually there is no way for her to know for certain at this time until her doctor has her take a pregnancy test. What is a pregnancy test? Most of them are based on the presence during pregnancy of an increased amount of a substance which stimulates the sex glands— called gonadotropin—in the woman's blood or urine. The sample is injected in a small animal (usually a rabbit, a mouse, or a frog), and if the animal shows certain changes in its reproductive organs, it means that the woman is pregnant.
Why Boys "Lose Respect"
Why do some boys feel that a girl who permits them sexual intercourse lowers herself? By Lester A. Kirkendall, Ph.D. A distinguished leader in the field of sex education, Dr. Kirkendall is Professor of Family Life at Oregon State Univ. and author of "Sex Education as Human Relations," "Premarital Intercourse and Interpersonal Relationships," and many other writings. "After that I lost all respect for her." This is a common reaction on the part of boys after they have had premarital intercourse with a girl.
SEX in Advertising
How Madison Avenue manipulates erotic images in order to sell more merchandise. by Richard Stiller, M.A. Mr. Stiller is Associate Editor of this publication. There was a time when Madison Avenue avoided the downright sexy and suggestive and settled for a pretty face. And in the advertisements for female undergarments even the pretty face was taboo. But no more! Today "sex is the sizzle that sells" everything from sweat socks to hotel rooms. And it sells them in erotic images that rival the sexiness of the modern film, novel, and play.