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Oct, 1964
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Oct, 1965
how important are SEX POSITIONS?
Common sense about a much-discussed aspect of marital sex. by Richard Stiller, M.A. Mr. Stiller is Associate Editor of this publication. Most of us are convinced that "our" sex ways are the only normal ones and that those of others are degenerate and perverse. People find it hard to believe that individuals can differ in their sexual behavior and still be "right" or "normal."
ONE WIFE TOO MANY Just as Alcides Zelada Saldana of Lima, Peru, was about to be joined in marriage to his betrothed Teresa Romero Garcia, his wife walked down the aisle leading her 5 children.
READERS SPEAK OUT: Sex before marriage
EDITOR'S NOTE In the December, 1964 issue of this magazine, 4 members of Sexology's Board of Consultants gave their answers to the question: "What, in your opinion, is the ideal code of sex before marriage toward which society should work for the future?" At that time we also invited our readers to send in their replies to this question. We continue to publish in these pages some of the answers we have received. Each opinion, of course, represents the private view of the writer, not the editorial position of this publication.
SELF-CASTRATION. An interesting case was presented recently of a 29-year-old male who had attempted to amputate his penis. The year before he had castrated himself by removing his testes. A most unusual aspect of the case was the fact that, for six years prior to his attempt, he had had alternate periods of bodily feminization and remasculinization. During the periods of feminization, he reported, his breasts became protuberant, his voice became higher, he did not have to shave and fat distribution became markedly feminine. When examined by a gland specialist, he was found to be a normal male; the changes he reported could not be verified.
When writing, please observe the following rules. Letters must be signed with your name and address—all names and addresses are kept strictly confidential. Use TYPEWRITER or Ink. PLEASE BE BRIEF and write legibly. USE A SEPARATE SHEET FOR EACH QUESTION. Because of the time required for publication, several months must elapse before an answer can appear here. Only those letters of wide general interest can be printed, since space does not permit publication of all letters received. We cannot prescribe medical remedies, nor can we forward mail to other correspondents. No sexological information can be given to minors, unless married. If not married, state that you are over 21.
BY taking this test, you can measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answer to each statement should be True or False. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final score is your S.Q. A score of less than 50 indicates inadequate knowledge; 50 to 60 equals good; 70 or 80 equals excellent; 90 or above equal unusually superior.
Sexual Frigidity in Women
A distinguished South American physician discusses sexual coldness. by Miguel Sixto Mosqueira, M.D. Dr. Mosqueira is a prominent urologist practicing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The failure of a woman to achieve orgasm is usually termed "sexual frigidity." This term is not adequate. There is actually no such thing as a lack of ability to achieve orgasm, only a difference in sexual sensitivity. There are case histories of women who have lived with several husbands before achieving their first orgasm. If they had been questioned earlier, they would have been diagnosed as frigid. But their subsequent orgasms showed that they were perfectly normal.
When the Bride is Not a Virgin
What should a bridegroom do when he discovers his bride's past? By Helen K. Branson, M.A. "I just found out last night that my fiancee is not a virgin!" The young man before me was earnest. "Now that I know this, do you think that we should marry? Will I ever be able to trust her?" I knew the young man well, for he was a member of a premarital counseling group sponsored by my husband and me at our church. I knew, too, that this couple shared many common interests and similar points of view. I also had learned through earlier private counseling that his proposed bride had gone through a period of sexual experimentation.
MONOZYGOTIC TWINS. Twins which develop from one fertilized egg and therefore have identical inherited characteristics. MONS VENERIS. The pubic mound; the slight prominence above the female vulva that is covered with pubic hair. MONSTER. A child born grossly malformed; most do not survive.
Can Humans Breed With Animals?
Facts and fantasy about human-animal mating. By Charles F. Mayer, Ph.D., J.D. Throughout the ages, man has speculated about the possibility of copulating with animals, impregnating them, and, as a result, begetting offspring. This subject has fascinated philosophers, theologians, scientists, poets, authors, and ordinary mortals for countless centuries; nevertheless, up to the present moment, there does not yet appear to be even one shred of scientifically-acceptable evidence that human beings and animals are able to mate successfully.