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EXACT REPRODUCTIONS OF ANY BUSINESS CARD, INSIGNIA OR PERSONAL SIGNATURE The gift that's truly different! Beautifully etched lifetime metal Cuff Links, Tie Bar, Money Clip or Key Chain, each a faithful miniature of any business or calling card, signature, trademark or insignia. Perfect for both personal and business gifts. Gift boxed. Will drop ship if desired. Simply send cards or signatures you wish reproduced; specify items and whether Silver or Gold.
NEW SPACE-AGE Computer Scale
Amazing new Computer tells you exactly what you weigh instantly, precisely. No waiting while the numbers bounce around to settle on your weight. No old-fashioned 5-lb. intervals.
NEW EXECU-CHAIR IS DIFFERENT This is the first chair designed exclusively for the office. Closed... it looks like a regular office chair... blending perfectly with any decor. It is a comfortable chair to sit on. Yet it flips open in just a second... almost effortless into full-length 76" long bed with a pillow rest for the head.
Why that is a perfect gift! Who doesn’t want to be reminded of the sisyphysian struggles of their life every time they sit down at their desk. THAT’S LIFE Recognize the universal message? Meet Everyman, bravely braced against . . . you name it—you’ve been in there pushing yourself! A sure conversation piece—this will be […]
intercontinental top coats
intercontinental top coats What goes better with a sporty car like American Motors’ AMX now that winter is coming on than a pair of sporty “Two-Continent Coats,” like these, designed by Frank Toscani of H. Daroff & Sons (Worsted Tex)? With all but the top row of buttons buttoned they conform to the European military […]
THE AH MEN LOOK NYLON-TRICOT, the greatest thing in men’s wear since pants. Fast drying, wash and wear, compact for travel and so comfortable. All items in S-M-L-XL, in Royal Blue, Black or White. 1. Judo-jumper (pictured), robe with legs, for relaxing $15.95 2. Fitted hip-hugger boxer under-briefs for under slim slacks $3.50, six for […]
American Airlines Ad: Think of her as your mother.
That’s kind of creepy. American Airlines: serving all of your oedipal aviation needs since 1968. Think of her as your mother. She only wants what’s best for you. A cool drink. A good dinner. A soft pillow and a warm blanket. This is not just maternal instinct. It’s the result of the longest Stewardess training […]
NEW Bill Parry Jump Suit of SUPERCLOTH • WONT WEAR OUT* • WONT SHRINK • WONT STAIN • WONT WRINKLE Short Sleeves… 19.95 *Wear-Dated—guaranteed not to wear out in a year’s normal wear or will be replaced. Tailored of a new no-iron, Sanforized Plus, wonder-poplin woven of 50% Blue “C”® polyester/50% cotton. Treated with Scotchgard® […]
Pro Football From Abacus To Computer
By Gene Ward When it came schedule-making time in the National Football League, Commissioner Bert Bell used to lock himself in a suite of rooms at the Racquet Club in Philadelphia, sharpen a gross of pencils and stop all incoming calls. He was a gregarious soul, this man who guided the pro game through its growing-pains era and he dreaded the self-imposed seclusion as a skipper of an ocean liner dreads being beached. "But there is just no other way to do it," he once told me. "Every owner has his pet ideas as to the schedule he wants his team to play, so the only solution is to do it myself and present it as fait accompli."
WORLDS VERY FIRST DIGITAL WRIST WATCH Swiss Watchmakers breakthrough! Now available after years of development Flashes time and date directly in numerals This is new! This is good! Know the time exactly to the second by a quick glance at this strikingly designed Swiss jewelled-movement wrist watch. Flashes hour, minute, and date in large, clear […]
Perfection in Service Free Telephone Answering equipment at a Low-Low-Direct to Diners Club Members Price NEW! NEW! NEW! MODULAR CIRCUIT CONSTRUCTION marvel in new electronic design NEW! All electronic unit— complete with its own Cassette Tape Recorder . . . vastly superior to any phone answering device we sold before and the first time ever offered for sale direct to the public.