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May, 1947
"Wow! This job sure keeps me hopping!"
"BELIEVE me, fitting all the new dial and manual switchboard equipment and long distance facilities into Bell System central offices all around the country is keeping me mighty busy! "In a single big dial exchange there may be 4,000 miles of wire. I may have to solder 2,500,000 connections before everything's ready for you to dial a number.
He advanced the bombing of Hiroshima by at least a year!
If the bombing had been pushed back a year, do you think the war would have lasted? If not, then you could make the case that Japan got nuked because this guy was trying to build a uranium light bulb. Also, I find the exclamation point at the end of this sentence strangely disturbing: (Little […]
The HIDDEN Cost of eye accidents is higher
Bookkeeping records seldom show the true costs of eye accidents—merely compensation and medical expense. However, the "hidden" costs* (machinery and work damage, idle time and lowered worker morale, to name but a few) are estimated— by a recognized authority—to be four times the amount of the direct cost of eye accidents.
An Inconvenient Ad
It’s been quite a while since a company would use an image of factories spewing carbon dust into the atmosphere in a positive context for one of their ads. Of course at the CEI they just call it life. These furnaces are a long way from a tire maker’s plant, yet they are an important […]