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Nov, 1946
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Nov, 1947
More Telephone Service for more people
From The 1946 Annual Report of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. 1. In no year since the telephone was invented was there such a remarkable increase in the amount of telephone service furnished to the American people as in 1946. The net gain in the number of Bell telephones was 3,264,000, or more than twice the gain for any previous year. Additional telephones were installed at a rate averaging more than 25 a minute every working day.
Unlocking Secrets of the Soy Bean
made from soy today? ::image size=xl::
Unlocking Secrets of the Soy Bean The soy bean, once planted only as a rotation crop, was plowed under to increase the fertility of the soil. Then science discovered that soy bean flour is wholesome... the oil makes good paints and salad dressing...the meal is good cattle feed... the fibre makes plastics... but first extraction methods didn't get all the oil... only partially separated the other ingredients.
GOOD-WILL is the disposition of the customer to return to the place where he has been served well— U. S. Supreme Court. TO OUR FRIENDS We do not believe that any advertising copy man could have penned a neater and more trenchant definition than this decision of the Supreme Court.
The Eye Patch Army
The eye patch guys look like something you would see on some hipster t-shirt. Industrial Workers Will Lose the Sight of One or Both Eyes TODAY AN ALARMING COST TO INDUSTRY Yet Almost Wholly PREVENTARLE Of the 17 serious eye accidents in industry that will happen in the next 24 hours, 16 could be prevented […]