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Death of a traveling salesman
You've just landed in a city that gets only 7 inches of rain a year. All on the day you arrive. You have a meeting at 659 Washington Street, which is right across from the Civil War Monument, and everybody knows where that is. Except you.
This IBM physicist is working to reduce the cost of data processing even more - before some other company does.
Back in 1950, the cost of processing 35 thousand computer instructions was one dollar. Today, one dollar processes 35 million instructions. What has driven the cost down? The work being done by IBM's Dr. Sol Triebwasser and his associates may give us a clue.
I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found this magazine on eBay. I thought that the author was this Arthur Miller. An article about the personal privacy threats inherent in massive government databases, written by the author of the Crucible sounded amazing. It turns out that the author was actually this Arthur […]