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Can it be "tommyrot" when such people advocate Pelmanism?
Here are only a few of many famous men and women who advocate Pelmanism, and who use its principles themselves. With this testimony before you, can you doubt that it will benefit you ? Find out what Pelmanism has already done for over 650,000 people—send for a copy of the free book illustrated below.
No. 1A Pocket Kodak, Series II
The Lens: Kodak Anastigmat f·7·7 lens is a sharp-shooter—it puts keen definition in the negative. Result, snappy prints—and enlargements when you want them. The Shutter: The Eastman-made Diomatic shutter has four snap-shot speeds up to 1/100 second as well as time and bulb actions, and these speeds are accurate. This precision, plus the presence of the automatic exposure dial which gives the proper timing at a glance, means correctly exposed negatives.