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Feb, 1978
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Mar, 1988
You're on the road. Fifty-five miles an hour and you're still three hours from Atlanta. On the seat next to you is the little miracle that will make the trip worthwhile. It's an Epson Geneva.' A full-blown personal computer that runs on batteries and fits in a briefcase. You can't live without it.
World's First Bloggers
A new communications medium gives birth to its own stars ike Greenly had been trying for weeks to interview Ed Koch about New York City's handling of the AIDS epidemic when he finally buttonholed the mayor on the steps of city hall. "There I was," Greenly typed into his portable computer soon afterward, "cheek to jowl with His Honor." Two hours later he had plugged his Tandy Model 100 into a telephone line and dispatched the first installment of his exclusive interview.
We have more good family programs than ABC, NBC and CBS combined
You've taped every episode of the Bill Cosby Show. Twice. You've flipped through the channels so often that it's worn the decals off your remote control. And your eight-year-old just came downstairs wearing 12 of your best gold necklaces and asked you to give him a Mohawk haircut, fool! If those are recurring plot themes around your house, maybe it's time you looked into an Apple® lie Personal Computer.