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Mar, 1956
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Nov, 1959
: For years, in the brooding manor house overlooking a little Scotch village, John Napier worked in mysterious seclusion. Some of his 16th century neighbors even suggested that he was dabbling in witchcraft. But there was no black magic about the ivory calculating "Bones" he invented to help merchants figure their accounts.
Voices Across the Land
Night and day I keep singing—humming and thrumming: It is love and war and money; it is the fighting and the tears, the work and want, Death and laughter of men and women passing through me, carrier of your speech, In the rain and the wet dripping, in the dawn and the shine drying, A copper wire. —Carl Sandburg Under a Telephone Pole Screwdriver and splicing knife hanging from his belt, the telephone man keeps history's happiest invention humming from coast to coast. He watches over 265 million miles of wire, waging war against storm, disaster and pesky animals that chew up or nest in his equipment. He hoists his lines over mountains with helicopters, shoots them across canyons with bow and arrow, strings them through dark conduits far beneath great cities. To every home and office, he gains ready entrance, exuding courtesy and helpfulness.
Nile Hilton
THE NEWEST HOTEL IN CAIRO ... MODERN AS A TWA JETSTREAM* CAIRO— Another Hilton Hotel! New and beautiful as the mighty TWA JETSTREAM, longest-range airliner in the world today. The magnificent, 400-room Nile Hilton, on the banks of the majestic Nile, overlooks the Pyramids, the old Citadel and the city of Cairo with its mosques, museums and historic monuments.
Exciting things are happening... where Independent Telephone Companies are growing!
Businessmen with airborne mobility, for example. No longer grounded in the metropolitan centers, industries now make their homes along the new frontiers of economic growth. Low costs, high productivity provide the incentive. Private air travel keeps them within minutes of their customers.
The Call Director - new push-button office telephone...
for the person who makes a lot of calls, or takes a lot of calls This is the most advanced and flexible telephone ever offered to business! More than a new product, the Call Director is a new concept in telephone design and service. It provides fast, easy handling of outside and interoffice calls plus special features to fit your communications needs. By pushing a button you can—