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Mar, 1956
There's AUTOMATION in the Monro-Matic
The MONRO*MATIC Duplex Calculator proves "Years Ahead" for business figuring! Tough as your figuring problem may be, it can be done speedily, easily, with hardly a thought on the Monro*Matic Duplex. That's why business has welcomed this great new calculator. "Just what we needed" . . . "Nothing like it" . . . "Great for payroll" . . . "Invaluable" ... are typical comments.
"National Accounting Machines save us $17,000 a year ... repay their cost every 10 months!"
-G. F. HEUBLEIN & BRO. INC., Hartford, Conn. "A leading producer and importer of fine foods and beverages" "Our National Accounting Machines save us $17,000 a year, repaying their cost every 10 months. "Our accounting requirements are unusually complex because we manufacture as well as import many varieties of food and beverages. National Accounting Machines solve our problems with efficiency and economy. Through them we handle our payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable; and they provide us with detailed sales analyses by products, by salesmen and by territories.
complete low-cost microfilming in one unit Now, small as well as large businesses can enjoy the time-saving, space-saving, money-saving benefits of microfilming ... for the unique Micro-Twin combines both recorder and reader in a single compact unit at a price less than you might have expected to pay for a recorder alone!
NEW FLYING EXPERIENCE COMES TO AMERICA World’s first Propeller-Turbine Airliner to fly for TRANS-CANADA* and CAPITAL AIRLINES A new flying experience is coming to America soon. Two famous airlines—Trans-Canada and Capital — are adding Vickers Viscounts to their fleets for service in the United States and Canada. Already flying on 40 major world air routes, […]
Now a telephone with a dial that lights up!
Have you seen the new Bell telephone with a dial that lights up? It's perfect for bedrooms, sickrooms ... or any dimly lit place. Just pick up the handset and the dial is instantly illuminated.
TWA's great new SUPER-G CONSTELLATIONS LARGEST. MOST LUXURIOUS AIRLINERS IN THE SKIES TODAY! > Created by Lockheed especially for TWA! > Powered by Curtiss-Wright's newest Turbo-compound engines! > Interior by Henry Dreyfuss. world-famous designer!
The Brain Builders
"At last I came under a huge archway and beheld the Grand Lunar exalted on his throne in a blaze of incandescent blue . . . The quintessential brain looked very much like an opaque, featureless bladder with dim, undulating ghosts of convolutions writhing visibly within . . . Tiers of attendants were busy spraying that great brain with a cooling spray, and patting and sustaining it . . ." —H. G. Wells, The First Men in the Moon Last week, in a pastel blue and grey room on the fifth floor of a St. Louis office building, the newest Wellsian brain in the earthly world was enthroned. This quintessential brain looked like nothing more than a collection of filing cases, stretching in a 60-ft. semicircle about the room. From within the grey metal cases came a faint humming sound; along the light-studded metallic face were scores of twinkling orange sparks, rippling like waves of thought.