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Sep, 1965
Del Monte Catsup - taste the Big Bright Flavor
taste the Big Bright Flavor Sizzly, juicy hot dogs like this frankly deserve Del Monte® Catsup— it makes every bite a banquet. We start with fresh-picked tomatoes, add secret spices, blend with our own pineapple distilled vinegar. That’s why the flavor is rich and robust, big and bright! That’s why Del Monte Catsup makes everything […]
You go fresher with RC... goingest cola of the leading three
... goingest cola of the leading three. Fast growing Royal Crown is brisk 'n' bracing, fresher tasting, because it's made the fresh protected way. Go Royal Crown-enjoy the refreshing ifference. And its the better buy.
It's New! It's Devilish! - Spam Spread
It’s New! It’s Devilish! It’s SPAM, but it spreads! So full of flavor one 3-oz. can will do all this: A fresh idea in meat from Hormel
Woman's Day Dictionary of SANDWICH GLASS
Text by EDITH GAINES Photographs by BILL BEECHER Pick up a piece of Sandwich glass and you hold in your hand a piece of America's past. Lacy loveliness, satisfying design, glowing color are all part of its attraction, but it has historic appeal as well. Sandwich, the Cape Cod town which gave it its name, became important with the building of the glass factory there in 1825, but it was never an industrial town. Sandwich glass was the creation of people living in what was then, as it is now, an enchanting little New England village: the men made it, their wives and daughters decorated it, their sons Carried wood for the furnaces.
About People
Facts, foibles, fallacies and fascinating findings about your own and the opposite sex. • WEATHER PARADOX Offhand you would think that on dark and dreary days people would be more likely to be late to work than in good weather, simply because such days offer little incentive to action. But oddly enough just the reverse appears to be true. Studies have found that instead of dawdling over their morning coffee and delaying their departure on bad days, both men and women get off to work more promptly than they do in fair weather.
Give a boy a tree house and he can have all the adventures of a safari in his own backyard. For adventurous little boys, a tree house offers many delights. It is a hideaway, a place to store secret treasures, a camping-out spot. From it one can see without being seen. It can be reached by ladder only and it is relatively inaccessible to adults.