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Apr, 1944
It seems impossible today... but it will be so tomorrow!
It seems impossible today… but it will be so tomorrow! Our entire resources are at the command of our National Government… we are doing our utmost to fulfill the demands of our various military services by supplying precision- built radio communications equipment. HARVEY-WELLS COMMUNICATIONS Are Helping to Win the War HARVEY-WELLS Communications inc HEADQUARTERS For […]
THIS is everyone's War...
THIS is everyone’s War… if you are not able to serve in the Army or Navy, you can serve on the production front. Elmer is doing his duty by leaving his non-essential position and taking a job in the war plant. THE HAMMARLUND MFG. CO., Inc., 460 WEST 34th St., NEW YORK, N. Y.
"ADOLPH, did you mean it?"
“ADOLPH, did you mean it?” Less than four short years ago you inserted this travel ad in one of our finest magazines. Remember it? You actually invited us. Now, take a good look at that convoy on one of the sea lanes, crossing the Atlantic … to Germany. The air lanes are open, too. And […]
Home on a Hemidemisemiquaver
*Your quick interpretation —a 64th note, or for instance, a "dot" in Code .. Wings shot-up... motor conking... radio half gone —yet a hemidemisemiquaver signal conies through to guide our fightin' ham home.