It may not save your money . . . but it may save your teeth (Mar, 1930)

It may not save your money . . . but it may save your teeth

FORHAN’S has always been made with the feeling that people are far more anxious to have a good dentifrice than a cheap one.

In so vital a matter as good teeth, you need all the protection that the finest dentifrice can give.

In fact, the origin of this dentifrice was a preparation devised by R. J. Forhan, D. D. S., and employed by dentists for years in the successful treatment of pyorrhea.

But dentists realized that, in frequent cases, more than office treatment was required. So the question was raised, “How can the benefits of this treatment be extended to the home?”

Dr. Forhan was finally successful in combining his widely known treatment with tested ingredients for cleaning teeth—and the product soon became known as the dentists’ dentifrice.

Forhan’s cleans teeth and cleans them thoroughly. But it is also beneficial to the gums. Applied with massage at the time of brushing, it firms up the gums and helps keep them in the glow of health.

Even in the healthiest mouth, the use of Forhan’s is important—for it is always better to prevent disease from getting a start than to treat it afterwards.

Adopt Forhan’s as your dentifrice. It helps you keep the mouth of youth, well into middle age. Forhan’s comes in two sizes, 35^ and 60^—just a few cents more and well worth it. Forhan Company, Inc., New York.

Any mouth may have pyorrhea and at forty the odds are 4 out of ^ Forhan’s Your teeth are only as healthy as your gums

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