It Might Fly If It Had Wings or an Engine (Apr, 1960)

That car looks like it would tip over if you sat in the front…

It Might Fly If It Had Wings or an Engine
AIRCRAFT-TYPE styling gem by the famed Ghia car body manufacturers, the Selene was created by the Italian company as a show car. The auto has no engine. Its purpose is to show what might be expected in car styling of the future. Two back seats, facing each other, give the back compartment a lounge-room effect, complete with bar (right). Sliding airplane-type steering wheel and double sets of instruments would allow the car to be driven from either side.

  1. Roflcopter says: January 25, 20085:47 am

    Erm, not quite sure, but wheres the front ^^

  2. renan says: January 25, 200812:50 pm

    The steering wheel slightly reminds me of the Concorde cockpit:…

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