IT WON’T BE LONG NOW! (Feb, 1951)

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Rocket-powered spaceships will make overnight trips to the moon by 1975

IF YOU’D like to be the first human being to take a rocket-powered spaceship trip to the moon you have to get on line. Believe it or not, more than fifteen-hundred moon-lovers have already signed up with New York’s Museum of Natural History to make that first interplanetary flight, scheduled for some time in 1975.

Foolish? Not very. Recent rocket experiments have shown that space travel is almost within our grasp, and as soon as a light, efficient power plant is developed—and it will probably be atomic energy— there will be no limits to man’s ability to explore the outer reaches of space.

Within your lifetime it’s probable that overnight trips to the moon will be as common as a train ride to New York. Flights to Mars or Venus may take our scientists a little longer to accomplish, but the plans are on the drawing board, and who will dare say ”impossible”? Space travel is no longer a dream. All aboard for the moon!

  1. Toronto says: January 7, 201311:05 am

    Can’t wait!

  2. Hirudinea says: January 7, 20135:21 pm

    From V2s in ’51 to landing on the moon in ’69 is pretty good, the technology is there, but the will, now that’s the question.

  3. Toronto says: January 7, 20139:31 pm

    Check out the LEM – it looks like a naval mine or some sort of odd 1970s ball/”hot potato” game.

  4. Stephen says: January 8, 20137:38 am

    The V1 illustrated on page 2 is a jet, not rocket, powered missile. It has more in common with cruise missiles than interplanetary rockets.

  5. quadibloc says: January 8, 20139:13 pm

    Appears to be filler copy for a pin-up magazine, so we can’t expect much.

  6. Toronto says: January 9, 201310:18 am

    Yeah, a rocketry article in a pin-up magazine is a little odd. I wonder if they also ran features on railway tunnels.

  7. Charlie says: January 9, 201312:11 pm

    There is also an article about gruesome punishments for crimes (I’ll post it tomorrow). It’s a pretty weird, all over the place magazine.

  8. hip2b2 says: January 10, 20139:25 am

    Any idea why the landing team on the moon requires sidearms? Perhaps just “representing” their second amendment rights? Sigh…

  9. Daniel Rutter says: January 13, 20131:19 am

    The expression on the face of the heavy-eyebrowed – and, yes, for some reason ARMED – astronaut on the second page suggests that he got drunk in a bar near the spaceport and just now woke up in the Navy.

  10. Hirudinea says: January 13, 20139:05 am

    @ hip2b2 – Hey gotta watch out for dem Commies!

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