Items of Interest to Motorists (Feb, 1931)

Items of Interest to Motorists

This new type of lap robe is held snugly around the waist by means of a band of spring steel, while two additional clamps keep it in place around the ankles.

Thousands of lives can be saved each year by the use of the auto cow-catcher, shown above, which can scoop up a person without injury when the car is going 30 miles per hour. The mechanism is released by a lever underneath steering wheel.

Left—the brace of an old bucksaw can be made to serve as a rim tool as illustrated in this photo. Right —To avoid scraping his car against the side of the building as he drove down his extremely narrow driveway, a motorist built the special concrete steering channel shown here. When once the wheels enter the channels, which are somewhat wider than the tires, the car is naturally self-steering. The ends of the grooves are flared out so that the wheels can enter without scraping or bumping.

  1. slim says: October 1, 200811:50 pm

    I wonder if they ever tried that cow catcher at 30mph. That’s got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen on your site yet.

  2. StanFlouride says: October 2, 20081:04 pm

    Yeah, getting whacked in the ankle at 30 mph would REALLY hurt!

    I love the tire groove idea though.

  3. Myles says: October 2, 20084:17 pm

    The cow catcher would be a safer way of picking up dodgy looking hitchikers (for the driver).

  4. Rick says: October 8, 20082:31 pm

    In case anyone is wondering why a lap robe was necessary in a car, heaters were not built in back then. In fact I remember my dad and my uncle installing a heater under the glovebox in a then-new 1940 chevy. They spent a whole day bolting it under the dash, installing a bypass to and from the radiator for the heater hoses and drilling holes in the firewall for the hoses to come through. The heater hanging under that dash was about the size of a toaster oven and the thing actually worked! For the front passengers, anyway.

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