It’s a Dog’s Life, This Reducing (Jun, 1930)

It’s a Dog’s Life, This Reducing

DOWNTRODDEN husbands who have been forced to take Fido for an airing in the park may now breathe a sigh of relief, for the treadmill pictured here will enable the family pet to get all the exercise he needs on the back porch or the front lawn, and if the weather gets too severe he may do his daily dozen in the kitchen.

The contraption, which was first exhibited at the Los Angeles Dog Show, permits the dog to run for an hour without getting anywhere, and the proud owner may be sure that Fido will not get lost. If a rabbit passes by the dog has a good run while bunny stands around nibbling clover. A flywheel supplies momentum.

  1. jayessell says: March 26, 20087:09 am

    At least the dog wheels in Alaska pump water.

  2. Sporkinum says: March 26, 20081:05 pm

    It’s not the walking to the dog that matters, it’s the sniffing and peeing.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: March 26, 20081:43 pm

    It ain’t no good unless it has a remote control for Fido’s master…

  4. Stannous says: March 26, 20081:48 pm

    I always the purpose of taking the dog for a walk was to escape my ex-wife.

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