IT’S A LONG CLIMB (Feb, 1947)


This is the tallest fire-department aerial ladder made in America. It’s 100 feet to the top, but so rigid is the slender steel cantilever structure that there is little noticeable sway and no nip. Hydraulic jacks on each side of the new-style truck brace it against the pavement and supply a broader base. Hydraulic pressure puts the ladder up and takes it down.

Some 150-foot ladders are in use in European cities, but American fire departments have not yet trained their men to work above 100 feet. A 125-foot ladder built for one city was later cut down to 100 feet at the request of its fire department. The tallest ladders in use in New York City are 85 feet.

It takes from 20 to 25 seconds to put up this ladder, which is made by the American-LaFrance-Foamite Co. There is no limit to the angle at which it can be used, down to horizontal.

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  1. carlm says: June 23, 20113:42 am

    This only works with one person at a time. Put many people at the top of the ladder and you get a
    Mad Mad Mad Mad world situation…

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