It’s a mod, mod, modular world. (Aug, 1974)

It’s a mod. mod. modular world.

Simplify, simplify! Instead of paying more for bigger, bulkier audio control components, pay less for compact Shure modular components that — singly or in combination—handle critical functions flawlessly. Cases in point: (1) the M67 and M68 Microphone Mixers, the original high-performance, low-cost mixers; (2) the M610 Feedback Controller, the compact component that permits dramatically increased gain before feedback; (3) the M63 Audio Master, that gives almost unlimited response shaping characteristics; (4) the M688 Stereo Mixer, for stereo recording and multi-source audio-visual work; (5) the M675 Broadcast Production Master, that works with our M67 to create a complete production console (with cuing!) for a fraction of the cost of conventional consoles; and (6) the SE30 Gated Compressor/Mixer, (not shown above) with the memory circuit that eliminates “pumping.” For more on how to “go modular,” write for the Shure Total Communications Components Catalog No. AL280.

Shure Brothers Inc.

222 Hartrey Ave., Evanston, ILL. 60204

In Canada: A. C. Simmonds & Sons, Limited

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 12, 20121:57 pm

    A modular system allows for easier growth too.

  2. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 12, 201211:36 pm

    I used many of these mixers. They were great for the time. Very useful in remote production situations. Easy to carry and select the unit that was needed for a specific job.

  3. Synthman, er, Bassman says: January 13, 20125:44 pm

    Yeah, Shure is sure good stuff. Now if the singer in the band I play in would just my Shure Super 55 to sing those Elvis songs! LoL!

  4. Synthman-Bassman says: January 13, 20125:47 pm

    Shure is sure good stuff. Now if I can just get the singer in the band I play with to use my Shure Super 55 when he’s singing Elvis! LoL!!

  5. will not post comment says: January 13, 20125:48 pm

    Tried 3 times…

  6. Finally posted! says: January 13, 20129:28 pm

    Sorry for the repeats! L O N G D E L A Y…… LOL!

  7. Kosher Ham says: January 14, 20124:13 pm

    I am serious and don’t call me “Shurely.”

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