it’s a RAT RACE! (Apr, 1948)

it’s a RAT RACE!

HIGH prices, hard scrambling for the daily dollar got you hectic? Life may be a real rat race for you, but rat racing is just the life for Edward Moffitt of San Francisco. He lines up six favorites from his unique stable of 80 albino racing rats and adjusts the dials on his mechanical racetrack. Bong! There’s the starting bell.

Mister Rat breaks fast, scurries ahead of the pack. Blue Boy moves up. Faster, faster they spin. It’s Blue Boy and Express. But there, lashing his tail in a frantic sprint, is Commuter. Bong-bong! Commuter’s name flashes above his dial—the winner! But what’s this—Commuter has raced 50 laps on the 150-foot course, but he’s still right where he started. That’s a rat race for you, brother! •

  1. Kosher Ham says: February 15, 201111:09 am

    You can win at the rat race, however when it is over, you’re still a rat.

  2. Toronto says: February 15, 20119:41 pm

    Isn’t being a rat jockey called “articling?”

  3. Jari says: February 16, 201112:28 pm

    Why didn’t this catch on? I’m sure this is more interesting than Snail Racing….

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