It’s a Thrifty Thing… the Telephone (Nov, 1939)

So Americans have the thriftiest telephone service in the world and the best way to illustrate that is with a Scottish telephone-man hybrid? What about Scotland? Is their telephone service thrifty too?

It’s a Thrifty Thing… the Telephone

Americans have the world’s best bargain in telephone service. It’s good and it’s cheap. Nowhere else do people get so much service and such good and courteous service at such low cost.

THRIFTY: According to Webster, thrifty means “…Evincing thrift… Characterized by economy and good management . . . Serviceable; useful …”

  1. Nick Moffitt says: August 24, 20073:24 am

    It’s an ethnic stereotype that Scots are stingy. You don’t hear this much in the US any more, but it’s still a common thing to hear in the UK.

  2. Charlie says: August 24, 20077:52 am

    I realize that it’s a stereotype, I just thought it was weird to use an ethnic stereotype to point out how much better Americans are.

  3. Adrian says: August 24, 200711:18 am

    A Scottish friend of mine dropped a penny once. It hit him on the back of the head as he went to pick it up.

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