It’s easy now girls, to type special characters! (Jan, 1953)

It’s easy now girls, to type special characters!

Now Royal brings you an extra key—a 43rd key on your keyboard—a key that you can get with almost any combination of marks, characters or signs you want!

You may want your Bonus Key to be an exclamation point—or a division sign and an equal sign. For some businesses, it may be a paragraph mark and a section sign. In fact, it can be almost anything you order!

It’s all available and it’s done by Royal to make your job easier! Remember: Royals have always been built with you, the operator, in mind! There are other you-features below. Look them over. Then call your Royal representative for a free office trial. Look under “Royal” in the phone book.

“Magic” Tabulator, a Royal exclusive. Without taking your fingers from the guide-key positions, you just r-o-l-l your right hand and the carriage moves to the next tab position.

New Time-Saver Top, a Royal exclusive. Press button . . . inside controls all instantly accessible. “Touch Control” within easy reach. Easy-to-get-at spools for ribbon changing.

Carriage Control, a new, exclusive feature which lets the secretary suit the carriage tension to her needs. Just a turn of the knob does it! No need to call in a serviceman!

Roytype carbon papers and ribbons

  1. notagain says: July 8, 20118:47 am

    how about a freakin’ 1?

  2. Charlie says: July 8, 20119:31 am

    notagain: Hehe, good catch! I guess your were supposed to use a lower case L.

  3. Toronto says: July 8, 201110:28 am

    Hey, at least it has a zero!

    Exclamation marks were normally done with a “.” (period), backspace, and “‘” (single quote.)

    No at-sign, no carat, but this one has an underscore. And, of course, the late lamented 1/4 and 1/2 key.

  4. Charlene says: July 8, 20119:36 pm

    I’d have more faith in the typewriter’s ability to produce special characters if the copywriter had been able to produce commas correctly!

  5. Toronto says: July 9, 20111:17 pm

    Charlene – commas and their usage change over time: that’s why they’re called Comma Chameleons.

  6. Jari says: July 10, 201111:39 am

    Toronto: Oh no….Now the 80’s came back to haunt me….Would correcting liquid help?

  7. Charlene says: July 11, 20118:04 am

    @Toronto: groan….

    @Jari: White-out fumes helped with a lot of things back in the 80s.

  8. Little Flower Petals says: July 11, 20118:24 pm

    Am I the only one wondering how she’s going to type much with those manicured nails?

  9. Michael, N5RLR says: July 29, 201111:18 pm

    Charlene: “White-out fumes helped with a lot of things back in the 80s.”

    Mhm, including getting a salesman I knew, fired from the audio/video chain we worked for. One of the managers caught him “huffing” Liquid Paper in the men’s room, and booted him posthaste. 🙁

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