it’s fun to be fooled …it’s more fun to know (Apr, 1933)

Fairly ironic ad for a tobacco company…

it’s fun to be fooled …it’s more fun to know

Here’s a trick used in cigarette advertising. It is called “Coolness.” EXPLANATION: Coolness is deter-mined by the speed of burning. Fresh cigarettes, retaining their full moisture, burn more slowly … smoke cooler. Dried-out cigarettes taste hot.

Camels are cooler because they come in the famous air-tight welded Humidor Pack . . . and because they contain better tobaccos.
A cigarette blended from choice, ripe tobaccos tastes cooler than one that is harsh and acrid. For coolness, choose a fresh cigarette, made from costlier tobaccos.

It is a fact, well known by leaf tobacco experts, that Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE tobaccos than any other popular brand.
Smoke Camels…give your taste a chance to sense the difference.

No Tricks – just Costlier Tobaccos in a Matchless Blend

  1. Stannous says: January 21, 20076:56 pm

    …air-tight welded Humidor Pack…
    It’s foil, it’s not even glued, just wrapped in cellophane.

  2. Benjamin says: June 15, 200710:20 am

    I thought they meant cool like Fonzie! Those bastards!

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