It’s Fun to Phone! (Mar, 1958)

It’s Fun to Phone!

A minute from now you can be having a happy time. Just phone someone who means a lot to you. True happiness is tlie kind you share. And nothing helps you do that so easily as your telephone. “It’s fun to phone.”

Bell Telephone System

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  1. VaxGhost says: September 27, 20129:59 pm

    1958 price for a station-to-station call after 6:00 PM or all day Sunday, for a call from St. Louis to Los Angeles: $1.55 for the first three minutes, 45¢ each additional minute. In 1958 dollars. That translates to $12.10 and $3.50 respectively today. And, kiddies, the rate varied by distance. Don’t forget the 10% federal excise tax, too!

    (Incidentally, the US Post Office rate for a one ounce letter increased a whopping 33% in 1958 from 3¢ to 4¢. The USPS would have a lot more business today if chatting on the phone cost 38 times the cost of sending a letter…)

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