It’s just part of a fascinating learn-at-home program in electronics from Bell & Howell Schools! (Aug, 1974)

It’s just part of a fascinating learn-at-home program in electronics from Bell & Howell Schools!

If you’re handy with a set of tools, you may already have some of the skills you’ll need to build Bell & Howell’s color TV … the TV with digital features! This program is the perfect way to discover the exciting field of digital electronics … and best of all, you can do it all at home, in your spare time. Get free information now about this first-of-a-kind learn-at-home program prepared for you by skilled instructors at Bell & Howell Schools.

Discover a new way to spend your spare time hours on evenings and weekends.

Even if you have no prior background in electronics, you’ll find digital electronics a fascinating world to explore. You’ll enjoy spending hours reading about the systems of digital circuitry, performing experiments to test what you learn, and building this advanced color TV. It’s completely absorbing, and you’re spending your spare time learning something new that could open up extra income opportunities for you.

Find out all about electronics equipment and how it works.

Once you complete this learn-at-home program, you’ll have the specialized skills to service color TVs plus the knowledge that you can apply to repair a variety of home electronic equipment. And because this Bell & Howell Schools’ program includes the study of digital circuitry, you’ll be among the first with professional home training in digital electronics, a field that’s growing in importance every day.

No electronics background necessary.

We start you off with the basics. You’ll receive a special Lab Starter Kit with your first lesson so that you can get immediate “hands on” experience to help you better understand newly-learned electronics principles. Later, you’ll use your knowledge and learn valuable skills as you build the color TV. You can take full advantage of our toll-free phone-in assistance service throughout the program and also our in-person “help sessions” held in 50 cities at various times throughout the year where you can “talk shop” with your instructors and fellow students. You learn valuable skills in electronics through experiments and testing as you build this advanced-design color TV.

You build and work with a revolutionary color TV.

Discover the technology behind such extraordinary features as channel numbers that flash on the screen, an on-screen digital clock that flashes the time in easy-to-read numbers, and an automatic pre-set channel selector that allows intermixing of VHF and UHF channels in any sequence. You’ll enjoy probing into advanced performance features like silent all-electronic tuning, Black Matrix picture tube, “state of the art” integrated circuitry, and the 100% solid-state chassis that makes possible a brighter sharper picture with long life and dependability.

You also build Bell & Howell’s exclusive Electro-Lab ® electronics training system.

You get valuable experience performing experiments and later testing your TV with a digital multimeter, solid-state “triggered sweep” oscilloscope, and design console you build yourself.

The skills you learn can lead to part-time income or a new career in a business of your own.

While many of our students do not ask for employment assistance, it is available. We will help you look for a job in a field of electronics that best fits your interests and abilities. Of course, no assurance of income opportunities can be offered. One thing you can be certain of: no better or more practical at-home training in electronics is available anywhere.

Find out more about this fascinating program … mail the card today for full details, free!

This Bell & Howell Schools’ program is approved by the state approval agency for Veterans’ Benefits. Please check the box on the card for free information.

If card has been removed, write:
An Electronics Home Study School
ONE OF THE Bell & Howell Schools
4141 Belmont, Chicago. Illinois 60641

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 3, 20124:19 pm

    The school used Heathkit color TV kits.

    I wonder if Bell and Howell are still in business (certainly the market for 16 mm sound projectors is dead now.)

  2. Hirudinea says: January 3, 201210:04 pm

    Watch out for that flyback!

  3. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 4, 201212:18 am

    Getting zapped by that CRT anode even after the set is unplugged is a real learning experience. That thing is a giant capacitor holding 25,000 volts. SNAP Yowweee! Flyback about 10 feet!

  4. EMFalk says: January 4, 201211:22 am

    When I was a kid I remember a friend’s Dad taking this course. We used to be fascinated by the on screen channel display. We were easy to please.
    B&H is still very much alive, and not only as a name put on cheap consumer electronics:…

  5. Kosher Ham says: January 4, 20121:47 pm

    I don’t recall if this particular TV had a solid state anode supply or still used a vacuum rectifier (which then had to be placed in a metal enclosure to prevent the X-rays from coming out.) Solid state supplies don’t have the X-ray problem, so the flyback can simply be soldered to the main circuit board.

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