It’s Lots of Fun to PLAY the DRUMS … and EASY, too! (Jun, 1939)

There is something unusual about this ad. Can you guess what it is?
That’s right, Chick Webb, “The King of the Drums” is a black man! Do you know how many ads I’ve found from before the late 60’s that have a black person who’s not a maid or a porter? This is it folks. I think I have one or two articles that have pictures of black people in them. If you were a kid growing up in the mid-west reading science and tech magazines, black people simply did not exist.

It’s Lots of Fun to PLAY the DRUMS … and EASY, too!

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  1. Jeff says: July 27, 200812:41 am

    I’m producing a documentary on Chick Webb. Could you please contact me if you have a high res scan of this ad (Popular Science, June 1939 – the month Chick died)?


    Best – Jeff

  2. bilbo says: December 14, 20102:28 am

    I guess Gene Krupa came along a little later.

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