IT’S MORE FUN TO Eat Out WITH THE Ala-diner* (Jun, 1949)

IT’S MORE FUN TO Eat Out WITH THE Ala-diner*


C’mon, obey that impulse! Head out for the wide open spaces and healthy, fresh country air. It’s easy as pie when there’s a shiny Ala-diner jam-packed with picnic eatments tucked away in the back of your car.

Forget stuffy apartments and hot kitchens, crowded restaurants and tasteless food. With the Ala-diner you’re really “eating out,” your table a grassy knoll or shaded bank by the water’s edge— your appetite, terrific!

The Ala-diner keeps food fresh and appetizing. It is completely equipped-from salt shakers to Aladdin Hy-Lo vacuum bottles. Smartly and sturdily cased in lightweight, dust-free aluminum.

Your favorite shop has an Ala-diner for you—in sizes to serve two, four or six. Hustle around and get one today—”eat out” in fun and style tomorrow. If your dealer is temporarily out of stock, write to Aladdin Industries, Inc., Dept. L Nashville, Tennessee.

Ala-diner* 6-PARTY OUTING KIT Sturdy deluxe aluminum case completely furnished with service for six—plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons with gay colored plastic handles, salt and pepper shakers, cork screw can opener, 2 one-quart Aladdin Hy-Lo Vacuum Bottles. Removable sandwich compartment. No.156, $34.00.

Ala-diner* 2-PARTY OUTING KIT Compact aluminum case with service for two —plates, knives, forks, spoons with colored plastic handles, 2 one-pint Aladdin Hy-Lo Vacuum Bottles.

Removable sandwich compartment. No. 150, $17.00.


  1. Hirudinea says: December 1, 201112:01 pm

    How did this one ever get past the censors?

  2. whoozle whaazle says: December 1, 20116:00 pm

    @Hirudinea – I was thinking the same thing.

    “…Eat out” – but not in front of your children 😉

  3. Charlene says: December 1, 20117:27 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the ad guys didn’t deliberately try to sneak this by the editors, but there’s also a chance that “eat out” acquired its more earthy meaning since that date.

  4. Toronto says: December 1, 20117:47 pm

    Yeah, but there’s also the cheese-cake-ish woman in the filmy 2-piece suit.

    And for the conspiracy theorists, there’s a grassy knoll reference.

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