It’s New (Jun, 1955)

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It’s New

WORLD’S LARGEST vehicle on rubber tires is 274-ft. six-sectioned LeTourneau Sno-Freighter. made for Alaskan snow trails.

BOY’S BRAINCHILD is 14-year-old Sherwood Fuehrer’s robot which lifts, lights up. says, “I am Gismo,” may soon be walking.

MOTORISTS’ DELIGHT is new parking center in downtown San Francisco. Curving ramps take 1.200 cars to or from spaces.

DUMMY’S CHILBLAINS are checked by engineer at Republic Aviation’s 65 below “cold box” to test new jet ejection seat.

ATOMIC CLOCK measures tiny amounts of energy given off by ammonia gas. Accurate timepiece was invented by Charles Townes.

CLIFFDWELLER’S FIREPLACE revolves in all directions, provides central heating for small apartments. Knoll Int. designed it.

“DICK TRACT’ wrist radio developed by the Army Signal Corps picks up broadcasts 40 miles away, operates in 1,000-1.500 kc.

WORLD’S FIRST remote controlled helicopter developed by Kaman Aircraft is flown by ground pilot, has safety pilot aboard.

CONVICT VOLUNTEER of Illinois State Pen. has breath tested by technician to measure the radon absorbed from prison water.

TICKET MACHINE in New York’s Grand Central Station prints tickets for 60 stations and returns correct change.

THREE-WAY CAMERA invented by Samuel Noble has revolving back, uses any of three types of 35mm film loaded.

XB1 ECONOMY CAR. product of Borah Motors. uses a two-cylinder, air-cooled. 26.8 hp Kohler engine, delivers 60 mph, 35 mpg.

DREAM STUDIES are used by Sam Solomon to gain knowledge while he sleeps. A speaker in pillow relays a tape-recorded lesson.

UNIQUE HANGAR was devised by Convair to house their XFY-1 “Pogo”—vertical takeoff plane. The tepee has two hinged halves.

HYPNOSIS MACHINE, demonstrated by inventor Neil Satter, uses an electronic light-sound cycle. It has helped insomniacs.

NEW DIESEL multi-purpose service unit is used to tow. start heat, cool, etc.. jet and propeller planes, is shown leaving C-119.

GEM OF A MAP was assembled by Henry Hasbach, Glenside, Calif., is mosaic of polished gem stones, weighs a hefty 20 lbs.

MIDGET CAR, the German Kleinschnittger, carries four and luggage, can do 62 mph, weighs 600 pounds. It will sell for $821.

  1. Charlene says: May 13, 20111:17 pm

    As an aside, the Dick Tracy comic reboot has just reintroduced the two-way wrist radio as a “more secure” mode of communications; the radios are so old and out of date that the bad guys don’t have a clue they’re being used.

    The reboot is excellent, by the way.

  2. Richard says: May 13, 20111:32 pm

    Unlike Dick Tracy’s radio, the description of the wrist radio shown here indicate only that it receives, not transmits. The operating frequency range of 1000 to 1500 kilocycles (now called kHz) is approximately the upper half of the AM broadcast band, which, then as now, is not exactly the frequency range you’d choose for secure two-way communications.

    So I wonder what the purpose was? As a technology demonstrator? To transmit one-way instructions from a commander to field troops (presumeably using some sort of code)? To allow soldiers to listen to the baseball game or popular music?

    Regardless of the intended purpose sold to the higher ups, I suspect the latter purpose was what actually happened most frequently.

  3. Hirudinea says: May 13, 20113:45 pm

    I like the fireplace, very 60’s mod.

  4. qyooqy says: May 13, 20114:57 pm

    Nothing will knock an insomniac out like Neil Satter’s Seizure Inducer

  5. Daniel Rutter says: May 15, 20116:18 am

    The Sno-Freighter was quite successful, though only one was ever made. It still exists, but it’s a derelict now:…

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