IT’S NEW! (Jun, 1956)

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BELLYWHOPPER BICYCLE, demonstrated by its Italian inventor, Piero Moscogiuri, can do 50 mph with minimum exertion, permits easy breathing and “the fullest use of all muscles.”

CIGARETTE GLOW was sole illumination for this TV photo after being amplified by new Bendix Aviation electronic device. Lumicon.

HOT TIRES trail clouds of burned-off rubber as test car hits turn at Ford Company’s Arizona proving ground. The outrigger permits extra rolling for tire and steering tests.

JET SCREAM MUFFLER built tor Republic Aviation reduces sound level of jet tests to that of normal auto traffic in the area. Unit is “portable.” less costly than earlier types.

ROLLI-TANKER. Goodyear’s answer to problems involved in storage and moving of liquids. It rolls, floats in water, takes a beating, can be towed by hand, car, tractor.

SMILE GAUGE helps dentists fit false teeth to facial contour. Daddy, why is the lady smiling so hard if she’s going to lose all her teeth? Huh, Daddy? Why is she smiling— HEEL REFLECTORS for night pedestrians who don’t know enough to use left side of road—and who wear their pants pretty short. Seen at a German shoe exhibition.

ROASTING CONTROL. Set dial, plunge probe into the bird, shut oven door and forget it—gas will go off when it’s done. Works on any kind of meat or fowl roast.

URETHANE FOAMS, new DuPont material, can be used in myriad products from dish mops to dashboard crashpads foamed-in-place to eliminate separate cementing.

CROSS-COUNTRY CARS built for new West German armed services have two-cylinder engines, four-wheel drive, five synchronized forward gears, top speed of 60 mph.

PUSHBUTTON WHEELCHAIR for paralytics does 6 mph, turns, reverses, slows down, has fingertip controls. March-of-Dimes subsidized New York group that developed it.

  1. Hirudinea says: August 16, 20111:42 pm

    “BELLYWHOPPER BICYCLE”, And I thought recumbent bikes looked stupid!

  2. Sean says: August 16, 20111:50 pm

    “Gas goes off when it’s done.” I completely misinterpreted this at first.

  3. Jari says: August 16, 20112:01 pm

    First time ever, that I see a training wheel on a car.

  4. Mike says: August 16, 20115:15 pm

    Hirudinea, I think recumbent bikes look stupid, but I would try the belly bike.

  5. G. L. Tyrebyter says: August 16, 201111:54 pm

    Where to start on this one?
    The bellywhopper bike. I was trying to find where the man’s body is supported. Only thing I see is the bar seemingly going into his butt.
    Cigarette glow? From what cigarette? This picture was NOT illuminated by the cigarette being held by the woman. The tip of the cigarette looks dark and the shadow on the face doesn’t correspond to the position of the cigarette.
    The facial gauge was invented by a dentist, Dr. Winkydink DDS and a pastor, Dr. Fiddle DD. While never used in dental offices, it went on to become an interactive accessory for a popular kid’s TV show of the time.…

  6. K!P says: August 23, 20113:27 am

    there is a modern company making rolling water tanks for third world use odly similar to the rolli tanker

  7. Jari says: August 23, 20119:10 am

    Rolli-tanker isn’t exactly a new idea. In Finland, tar has been transported in a similar manner.

    Twenty-third image in a series:…

  8. JMyint says: August 23, 20113:58 pm

    Jari, those things in that picture, I believe they are called barrels. And yes you can roll barrels. The idea is not new as manufactured water filled rollers towed by horses or tractors had been around since the 19th century. What was new (at the time of this article) was these rollers were made in a manner similar to automobile tires and could be pulled at decent speeds by a light truck or tractor.

  9. Jari says: August 24, 201111:04 am

    JMyint: Yes, those are tar barrels. I really should have been more elaborate… They have flat sides, so they could be stacked in a ships hold without using any extra pieces of wood, unlike a eg. wine barrels. They have been used like that since ~1600.

    And they could be pulled at a speed of a horse, which was a decent speed at a time 🙂

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